in Joke of the Day

A man takes a day off work to go golfing

a man takes a day off work to go golfing

He’s ready to tee off when he hears a frog, “ribbit, 9 iron”

The man is confused, but the frog speaks again, “ribbit, 9 iron”

To prove the frog wrong, the man pulls out his 9 iron and swings at the ball.

Hole in one.

The man bends down and says “you must be a lucky frog”

The frog replies, “ribbit, lucky frog”

The man takes the frog to the next hole and the frog goes, “ribbit, 3 wood”

The man pulls out a three wood and swings.

Hole in one.

“Wow you really are a lucky frog, what’s next?” the man asks.

“Ribbit, Vegas.”

So the man takes the frog to the casino and walks up to the roulette table and asks the frog, “what’s the bet?”

“Ribbit, $6000, black, 6.”

“That’s an unlikely bet,” the man says. He puts down the bet anyways and he hits.

The man then goes and gets the most expensive penthouse in all of Vegas.

“How can I ever repay you?” the man asks.

“Ribbit, kiss me”

So he kisses the frog and it turns into a 15 year old girl

and THAT your honor, is how she ended up in my room last night


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