A demon caught three men

A demon caught three men, an American, an Indian, and a Brit. The demon said that he is going to eat them. But being in good mood he gave them chance to escape death and go home, should they pass his test: survive three strikes of his whip. He also said that they can wish for any one thing to protect themselves against the whip.

The American gone first. He wished for a shield made of titanum steel. But the shild held only for two strikes. At the first strike of the demonic whip it severely deformed, at the second strike it protected the American, but completely fell appart. The third strike killed the poor American.

Then came the Indian. “I don’t need anything to protect myself.”, said the Indian. “I practiced yoga for decades, both my mind and my body are ready to withstand any punishment that you whip will give.” And so he did. Demon’s whip didn’t leave even a scar on yogi’s body . “Okay, you passed my test”, the demon said,”You can go”. “I will stick around for while, I’m curious about what the Brit will do.”

The demon asked the Brit: “Now it’s your turn. What will you use to protect yourself?”.

“Why, the Indian, of course!”.


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