in Joke of the Day

A Priest and a Bus driver

A Priest dies & is waiting in line at Heaven’s Gate.

Ahead of him is a guy, fashionably dressed, in dark sun glasses, a loud shirt, leather jacket & jeans.
God to the guy : ” Who Are You….???? ”

Guy : ” I am a Bus driver”

God : Take this Gold robe & enter kingdom of heaven.

God to the Priest : Who Are You…..???? ”

Priest : I am a priest & spent 40yrs preaching good to people.

God :
” Take this cotton Robe and enter heaven……!!!! ”

Priest :
” God, how come that rash bus driver gets a Gold &
I spent all my life preaching Good, get Cotton……!!!!! ”

God :
” Results, my son, Results……
While you Preached,
People Slept,
When he drove,
People Really Prayed”


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