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Careful when telling jokes

Just a reminder to be careful when telling jokes that may be offensive.

A few days ago I was talking to some friends, and friends of those friends, at the bar.

I decided to break the ice with these new friends with a few jokes, most of them went down very well.

Until I decided to tell a few more offensive jokes. I picked the worst possible one to start off with.
Here is the joke I told;

“What do you do if you see an epileptic having a fit in the bath?
Throw in your laundry in.”

One of the friends instantly became enraged and took a swing at me. When I ask him what his problem was he replied that his little brother had been epileptic and had died in the bath many years ago.

Obviously I was mortified as I had not known this. I said “I am so sorry to hear that. Did he drown?”

“No” replied the guy, “he choked on a sock.”


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