in Joke of the Day

Half a Caesar salad

A waiter takes an order from a customer who asks for half a Caesar salad.

The waiter says “Well, we have a small and a large, would you like the small?”

The customer says, “No, I don’t want a small or a large. I want HALF a Caesar salad. Why is that so hard?”
The waiter says “Ok…. let me go check with the chef.” The waiter walks off toward the kitchen, but he doesn’t see that the customer has gotten up from his table and is following right behind him.

The waiter gets to the kitchen, and says to the chef, “Some asshole jerk weirdo out there wants me to get him HALF a Caesar salad…” and he jerks his thumb toward the dining room, and in so doing, he sees the customer standing right behind him.

“And this fine gentleman would like the other half.”


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