in Joke of the Day

Final exam

A large university class is taking the final exam. About 300 students are writing away in their blue books and the professor warns two minutes til pencils down. Then one minute. Then he calls out that the exam is over, please stop writing.

As the body of students slowly lines up to turn in their exams, one student keeps writing. The professor sternly says if you do not stop writing now, I will not accept you exam. The student keeps writing. The en professor says again the exam is over. The student keeps writing, but the professor has give up at this point.

Finally, at the back of the line, the student comes to turn in his blue book. The professor says, I’m sorry, I gave you multiple warnings, you wrote for several minutes past the end, I’m not going to accept your exam.
The student says, indignant, “Do you have any idea who I am?”

The, now shocked, professor says, “No, I don’t.”

And with that, the student lifts up half of the exams, shoves his into the middle of the pile, and walks out.


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