in Joke of the Day

Proctologist has midlife crisis

A proctologist is hitting his midlife crisis, and realises that he’s miserable in his career. He never really wanted to be a doctor, he just gave into pressure from his parents, and he’s made his money, paid off the house, seen the kids through college and decided “stuff it” he’s going to go back and retrain.
He thinks of all the things he likes and what would make him happy, and decides to retrain as a mechanic. He goes to trade school, studies hard, and reaches the final exam.

The final exam is having to strip down an engine to its individual components, then rebuilding it. He disassembles it, and then puts it all back together. He’s pretty confident he’s passed with flying colours.
A couple weeks later the results come out, and he’s got 150% on the final exam! He’s confused, so he reaches out to the teacher.

The teacher explains “well, the first 50% of the exam was for disassembling it, and you did that perfectly. The second 50% of the exam was for rebuilding it, and you did that perfectly, too”
“OK” says the now-former-proctologist, “but what about the extra 50%?”

“Well”, says the teacher, “it’s the first time we’ve ever seen that done entirely through the exhaust port.”


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