Holding two bags

An old lady is travelling down a street holding two bags. As the old lady is walking, out of one of the bags there is a hole and every so often a $20 bill falls out. After a while a police officer sees this and approached the lady to tell her that money is falling out of one of the bags. The old lady, thankful for the kindness of the police man, starts praising him for his good deed as she starts walking back gathering as many bills as she can.

The police officer, whilst helping her out, asks the old lady, “Hold on, where have you gotten all this money from? You didn’t steal it did you?”.

The old lady replies, “no no, of course not. My house is next to the sports stadium and bar, so every day when there is a sports game, after a while in the evening people come and relieve themselves on my flowerbeds, making a mess everywhere. So what i do is i hide behind the flowers with my hedge trimmers and whenever someone comes to piss on the flowers i tell them “give me a $20 or I’ll snip it!’, and thats where i got the money from.”.

The police officer, amused, congratulates the old lady on her idea but asks “so what’s in the other bag then?”,

The old lady replies, “well not everyone pays”.


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