Gay Couple

Kyle and Dain, a gay couple on an airplane together.

Kyle turns to Dain and says “You know what would be wild, if we had sex on the plane, like right here in our seats.”

Dain says “Woah dude, theres people everywhere, they would watch, it’d be weird.”

Kyle replies “Nobody pays attention on an airplane, watch.” With that he stands up and shouts “Can I borrow a pencil, anyone, can I borrow a pencil?” Some people are reading some are napping, nobody even looks up or pays him the slightest attention. “See” he says to Dain.

“Wow, I guess your right.” So they go ahead and have sex right there in their seats.

At the end of the flight, a flight attendant is going up and down the aisles checking on everyone and finds an old man with vomit all down his shirt, all over his trousers, hes just soaked. “Sir, sir, if you felt Ill you should of called me I would of brought you a bag or something.”

The old man looks up and says “I wouldn’t dare, guy up there asked for a pencil and he got f*cked in the ass.”


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