Housemaid demands a raise

Housemaid demands a raise from the lady of the house

Lady: So, what do you have in mind?

Maid: I would like to have a ferrari, no?

Lady: Why in the 7 hells do you think you deserve that?!?

Maid: See, I cook way better than you

Lady: Says who?

Maid: Your husband! Also I do laundry better than you

Lady: And why do you think so?

Maid: Your Husband said it, Also I´m much better in bed than you are.


Maid: No Miss, but the gardener

Lady: …Red or Yellow for the ferrari?


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Salesman’s car breaks down

A traveling salesman’s car breaks down way out in farm country late in the evening.

Luckily he’s not too far from a quaint little farmhouse, so he goes and knocks on the door. The farmer and his wife answer the door, quite sympathetic to the salesman’s plight.

They let him use their phone to call a tow company. Unfortunately the truck couldn’t come out until morning, so the couple offer to let him stay with them overnight. They don’t have a guest room, but their bed is large enough to fit three comfortably, so the salesman accepts gratefully.

A couple hours after going to bed, the wife turns to the salesman and whispers, “I want you!”

He answers, “But your husband is right there!”

She replies, “Pluck a hair from his butt. If he doesn’t wake up, we can do it.”

He plucks a hair; the farmer doesn’t stir, and they quietly have sex.

A couple hours later, she says “I want you again!”

He plucks another hair from the farmer’s butt, getting no reaction, so they have sex again.

Another couple hours later, she says, “I want you one last time before you go!”

And as the salesman reaches to pluck a hair, the farmer tiredly says, “Look, man, I don’t mind if you do my wife, but could you please stop using my ass as a scoreboard?”


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Joke of the Day: Battleship

A captain aboard a battleship spots a light in the distance in the battleship’s path.

Not wanting there to be a collision, he radios the source of the light: “Change your course ten degrees south.”

The response is quick: “Change your course ten degrees north.”

His pride slightly damaged, the captain responds testily: “I am an admiral, first class! Change your course ten degrees south!”

The response: “I am a lieutenant, second class. Change your course ten degrees north.”

Now losing his patience, the captain angrily radios: “Change your course ten degrees south! I’m in a battleship!”

Comes the answer: “Change your course ten degrees north sir, I’m in a lighthouse.”


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Brunette, Redhead and Blonde

Three women are in the hospital having a baby.

The brunette says “I’m going to have a boy, as we did it in the missionary position”.

The redhead says “I’m going to have a girl as we did it in the cowgirl position”.

The blonde starts crying and says ” I’m going to have a puppy”.


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