in Joke of the Day


A man decided to tattoo his wife’s name on his penis before going to their honeymoon

When erect it proudly reads *Wendy* on the side of his shaft, but when soft it only shows *Wy*.

While on his honeymoon in the Caribbean, he is using the bathroom and notices the guy in the urinal next to him also has a *Wy* on his penis. He then asks the guy if his wife is named Wendy.
>The guy replies in a Jamaican accent, “No man, why do you ask?”

The husband then explains that he noticed the *Wy* on his penis and shared that he also has *Wy* and then when erect it says “Wendy”.

The stranger then said, “When I have a hard on it says, *Welcome to Jamaica, have a nice day*.”


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