A guy is driving to his girlfriends house to pick her up for a date. The problem is he has terrible gas and it stinks. He is farting all the way there and all the way up to the front door. He’s still farting when she opens it unexpectedly.

“Come in silly. Why are you just standing there?” She asks. “I’m just finishing my makeup. Come meet my dad and I’ll be right down.”

He meets the dad who invites him to have a seat across the living room from him. They make small talk until the family dog comes over to the boyfriend. He pets the excited dog and accidentally let’s a little fart out.

“Rusty!” says the dad angrily. The boyfriend immediately wonders if the dad thinks the dog made the smelly fart. To test his theory, he lets a little more out.

“Rusty!!” bellows the father once again. At this point, the boyfriend is convinced the dad thinks the dog is farting so he lets out the rest of the built up gas.

Immediately, the father says “Rusty! Get over here before he shits on you!”


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